We've learned some valuable lessons in the process of establishing a small commercial apiary. Concerted observation, trial & error, blunder, research, imagination, mimicry, thorough record-keeping, humility, conversation, and plain old stubbornness have been our chief means of moving both sideways and forward. We quickly discovered that management practices that work well at a small (backyard) scale are often untenable when several bee yards must be tended on a strict schedule. And, by sheer necessity and good fortune, we have struck lasting friendships with a group of people who practice their craft with affection, creativity and openness to change. 


Below you'll find a running list of practices, stories and vignettes relating (some more than others) to our beekeeping activities.   

O.  Overwintering production colonies & nuclei
S.  Simplifying things
B.  Bookshelf
J.  Fourth of July