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Vermont Raw Wildflower Honey

Our summer wildflower honey produced by master beekeeper Kirk Webster in Vermont's Addison County, long-known in agricultural circles as "the land of milk and honey." A pioneer in the practice of commercial-scale treatment-free beekeepoing, Kirk also produces a top-quality summer crop that mixes the nectars of American basswood, Dutch clover, birdsfoot trefoil and purple vetch. Bees from three hundred production colonies—many located in yards used continually since the Civil War—produce a light, buttery honey that remains liquid in warmer temperatures and crystallizes to a creamy, butterscotch consistency in the winter.

Kirk's product is raw, meaning it is both unpasteurized and minimally filtered. As such, it retains enzymes, traces of wax and pollen that figure into its flavor and healthful properties.

For product availability, as well as for placing orders, please email our distributor, Old Friends Farm.




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