Beeswax & propolis

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Price: $20/lb beeswax (in rectangular block)

          $5/oz propolis chunks


Each fall, after the honey harvest is complete, we wash and dry the wax shavings that result from the uncapping of honey comb during the extraction process. In May or June of the following year, we render these in a solar melter and then filter them to make 1 lb. pure beeswax blocks. These are well suited to making candles, cosmetics and encaustic paint.


Propolis, also known as "bee glue", is one of the most unique and under-used hive products in the United States. Elsewhere it is used to make chewing gum, varnish, as well as antiseptic/anti-inflammatory salves and tinctures.


Propolis is a resinous substance collected by honeybees and derived from the sap and other viscous flows from trees and shubs. (Because it is a mixture of these substances, the specific chemical makeup of propolis varies geographically). In hot weather it is ruddy orange, sweet-smelling, and taffy-like in texture. In cold temperatures it hardens, darkens and becomes brittle.


We gather propolis throughout the summer and sell it in unprocessed form. It may contain small amounts of wood splinters (from our wooden frames and hive boxes, where we scrape it from), wax (often mixed in with propolis), and even a bee leg or two.